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About Us

Greater Love, Greater Inspiration

How GreaterLoveTV is different

At Greater Love Christian TV Station, our vision is simple yet powerful: to provide rural churches with an unprecedented opportunity to preach the Gospel on a global scale. We are driven by a deep commitment to sharing the message of God’s love, grace, and redemption with people around the world.

Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between rural communities and the global stage. Through our broadcasting platform, we aim to connect churches in remote areas to a vast audience, enabling them to transcend geographical boundaries and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ to every corner of the globe.

We understand the unique challenges faced by rural churches in reaching a wider audience. Limited resources, lack of exposure, and geographical isolation often restrict their ability to share the transformative power of faith beyond their immediate surroundings. Greater Love Christian TV Station endeavors to be the catalyst that ignites their ministry and amplifies their impact.

By leveraging the power of television and digital media, we seek to empower rural churches with the tools they need to deliver their message effectively. Through engaging programming, high-quality production values, and strategic distribution, we aspire to create an inclusive platform that showcases the diverse voices and vibrant worship of rural congregations.

We believe that every church, regardless of its size or location, possesses a unique and valuable perspective on the Gospel. By providing a global platform, we aim to celebrate and share these distinct voices, fostering unity within the body of Christ and promoting a deeper understanding of God’s love across cultures and communities.

Through Greater Love Christian TV Station, we envision a world where no church is too small, too remote, or too limited to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We strive to empower rural churches, equipping them with the means to share their powerful testimonies, Biblical teachings, and worship experiences with a global audience hungry for spiritual nourishment.

Ultimately, our vision is rooted in the commandment Jesus gave His disciples: to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. At Greater Love Christian TV Station, we embrace this mandate wholeheartedly, striving to be a transformative force that breaks down barriers, inspires hearts, and brings the light of Christ into every home and heart, both near and far.

Together, let us embark on this journey of love, unity, and global impact as we empower rural churches to fulfill their divine calling and proclaim the life-changing message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Pastor Anthony and Shelia Wynn, along with Micah and Jessica Wynn, form the passionate and visionary team behind Greater Love TV Station. Rooted in their unwavering faith and love for Jesus Christ, they share a common vision to spread the Gospel and extend love to people across the globe.

Pastor Anthony Wynn brings his deep understanding of the Word and his heartfelt desire to see lives transformed by God’s grace. With a rich background in pastoral leadership, he carries a burden for rural churches and recognizes the immense potential they possess to impact communities far beyond their physical reach.

Shelia Wynn, a woman of faith and compassion, complements Pastor Anthony’s vision with her nurturing spirit and unwavering dedication to serving others. Her heart for ministry and love for people create a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged.

Micah and Jessica Wynn, a dynamic couple with a passion for media and technology, bring their expertise to GreaterLoveTV. With their innovative thinking and understanding of the digital landscape, they help transform the vision into a reality, ensuring that rural churches can share the Gospel globally through modern platforms.

Together, as the leadership team of GreaterLoveTV Station, Pastor Anthony and Shelia Wynn, along with Micah and Jessica Wynn, embody the core values of faith, love, and inclusivity. They are committed to creating an environment where rural churches can thrive, sharing their unique perspectives on the Gospel and extending the love of Christ to people of all backgrounds.

Through their collective leadership, GreaterLoveTV Station is dedicated to empowering rural churches and connecting them with a global audience. By leveraging the power of media and technology, they aim to break down barriers and provide opportunities for the transformative message of the Gospel to reach hearts and minds worldwide.

Pastor Anthony and Shelia Wynn, together with Micah and Jessica Wynn, invite you to join them on this journey of spreading the Gospel and demonstrating love to all. As the chiefs of GreaterLoveTV Station, they stand united in their mission to make a lasting impact on the world by sharing the life-changing message of God’s love.

Our plan for growth at Greater Love Christian TV Station is rooted in the Biblical command to “Go ye into all the world.” Currently airing globally via IPTV, we are committed to expanding our outreach and impact. Our vision is to reach more hearts and minds with the message of God’s love and the need for salvation. We will continue to expand our global reach through digital platforms, while also strengthening our presence in markets across the United States. By diversifying our content, enhancing production quality, embracing emerging technologies, and forging strategic partnerships, we aim to deliver an exceptional viewing experience and connect with diverse audiences. Guided by a God of abundance, we believe that our efforts will show this world the immeasurable love of God and inspire the pursuit of salvation.

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