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Minister of the Month

Joseph and Melissa Heard

Oasis ministries

Anthony & Shelia Wynn

Home of MDT Church, Oasis Ministries is the founder of GreaterLove.TV. Learn more by visiting their website HERE>>

Tim Hill

General Overseer for the Church of God

Bishop Hill leads the international ministries of more than 8 million members, and nearly 42,000 churches in 187 countries and territories worldwide.  

A graduate of Lee University, Hill previously served as a member of the Executive Committee of the denomination, holding various positions, and was director of Church of God World Missions. 

Bishop Hill is the author of more than a dozen books, including the recently released Furnace Grace. Other writings include six books of sermons and 150 gospel songs. Many of his songs have been recorded by the nation’s top gospel musicians, choirs, and contemporary and traditional artists. Hill has traveled extensively throughout the United States and around the world, ministering in denominational and interdenominational conventions, camp meetings, and conferences. 


Perry Stone

Manna-Fest is the weekly Television Program of Perry Stone that deals with in-depth prophetic and practical studies of the Word of God. As Biblical Prophecy continues to unfold, you will find Manna-Fest with Perry Stone to be a resource to help you better understand where we are now in light of Bible prophecy and what the Bible says about the future. Be sure to tune in each week!

Influence church

Darnell West

Pastor Darnell has been preaching and teaching the Gospel for over 25 years in full time ministry. His heart is to build Life-Giving churches all over the city of St. Louis. Influence Church’s assignment is to the entire city of St. Louis, the nation and world. His assignment is to build the church and help pastors. He has an honorary Doctor of Divinity and an earned PHD in Christian Business & Leadership.

Binghamtown Baptist

William Boyd Bingham III & William Boyd Binghm IV

Pace Assembly

Joey and Rita Rogers

We are a church with a passion for people.
Pace is a Bible-based, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church We are passionate about reaching souls for Jesus Christ and everything we do is about Him. We are a local church with a global vision. Our focus is on being a dynamic church that reaches out to the lost and hurting in our community, our nation, and the world with the love of Christ.

Joey Rogers has more than 30 years of experience as lead pastor. He is married to Rita and together they are blessed with one son, a daughter-in-love, and two grandchildren. Joey and Rita began pastoring Pace Assembly Ministries in 2006. Since arriving, the church has seen phenomenal growth and is multi-ethnic and multi-generational. His ministry is committed to seeing lives changed and restored through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His passionate Spirit-filled preaching and teaching is rooted in a strong Pentecostal heritage and is relevant to the issues facing the 21st century.

MAG Church

J.R. and Heather Armstrong

Pastor J.R. Armstrong was born and raised in the fires of revival in Paris, Arkansas. His pentecostal heritage, and deep love for the Bible are uniquely evident as he preaches and teaches the Truth of the Word with boldness and in an expository manner. Pastor J.R. and his wife Heather are both credentialed ministers with a strong vision to see Southeast Texas – and beyond – permanently changed by the Grace and the Power of God.

The Voice of Evangelism

David Lankford

Pastor David Lankford is an author of several books and
the host of The Voice of Evangelism, an international radio and television program that can be heard or seen on CTV, PTL, Youtube Shortwave and Internet Radio. The Voice of Evangelism is an International Christian ministry that has been in existence dating back to
February 6, 1986. The sole purpose of this ministry is to be obedient to the Lord in preaching the gospel to all people so the lost may be saved and the righteous be encouraged and edified. As a Pastor for over 27 years, David Lankford is an old-fashioned, anointed man of God who the Lord is using in this hour to proclaim the Word, make appeals for true repentance and to help bring healing into the body of Christ.

Dr. John Wynn

Presiding Bishop, Author, Producer, CEO, Mentor

Praise Chapel

Roy Love

His relevant teachings are easily applicable for your quest to find success in God and life. Over 30 years of pastoring has shaped him into a man who can touch God and reach people. The best way to define Pastor Love is the way God already did…by his name.

Pastor Love has spent his life serving others and loving people back to life. Someone you know, that you can be safe with for the long haul.

Rejuvenated by a new passion to make church relevant again as record numbers of people leave their faith in CHRIST, Pastor has put everything in to creating this new style of church where connecting you with CHRIST is what’s most important.

Grace Pointe Church

Joseph & Melissa Heard

Pastor Heard is the Lead Pastor & Pastor Missy is
the Co-Pastor and Worship leader of Grace Pointe Church.

Joe and Missy have been married for 26 years, have 2 daughters, and have been pastoring in Central FL for 21 years.

Gospel Tabernacle

John & Gina Minor

John Minor grew up in a minister’s home. His father Dr. David Minor, Sr. had served as Senior Pastor at the Gospel Tabernacle church in Coudersport for over 60 years. Under that influence, John accepted Christ as his Savior as a young man.

John is now serving as the Senior Pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle church in Coudersport alongside his wife Gina. They served in Youth Ministry from 2003-2010 and have been serving full-time at Gospel Tabernacle upon their return to Coudersport in 2015.

Pastor John and Gina have a passion for the lost with a message of hope to this broken generation. They have emulated their predecessors, Dr. David Minor, Sr. and Sis. Lorraine Minor with their graciousness and message of love.

Open Arms Church of God

Gene & Michelle Sherrod

The mission and vision of the Open Arms Church of God is to make disciples through the teaching of the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We desire to build strong families of believers with sound Biblical teaching and practical hands-on application of those teachings.

It is our prayer that through our broadcast you hear an On Time, Encouraging, Uplifting Word from God.
We pray that you hear the truth of God’s Word because the truth will allow you to walk in freedom.

Harvest Christian Center

Dwight & Tammy Jones

Pastors Dwight & Tammy Jones have served as Senior Pastors at Harvest for over 25 years. As a traveling evangelist in the 80's, Pastor Dwight Jones was challenged by God to marry / commit to the church in Park Hills. Starting with less than 20 people, they have faithfully served the church to where it is today. Dwight is also a published author. Living In the Days of Lot, The Judas Factor, and a fictional book titled Moments; The Story Of Gil And Macey.

Lift Church

keith Nix

Keith Nix is a husband, dad, pastor, evangelist, and author whose passion is to reach, teach, and elevate people to their full, God-given potential. He and his wife, Margie, live in Sevierville, TN with their daughter, Isabella, where they planted a church they lead, The Lift.

Jeff Coleman Ministries

Jeff & Farrah Coleman

Known for a transformative ministry that transcends cultural and denominational boundaries, Bishop Jeff Coleman champions a faith destined for change. His collaboration with City Harvest Network, coupled with his leadership at New Harvest Church in Maryville, TN – shared with his wife and co-pastor, Pastor Farrah Coleman – underscores a deep-seated commitment to spiritual renewal and empowerment. Bishop Jeff Coleman believes that faith defines your destiny. No matter where you are in life, faith in God’s Word can always change your life for the better.

He is the author of “The Time is Now” which
distills the vision into a compelling call to action.
This is a challenge to every Christian to boldly pursue their divine mission. It’s an essential resource for anyone eager to leave a transformative mark on their faith journey.

Final Harvest

Billy Joe Lewis

Our mission is to reach every soul that we can for Jesus Christ in these last days, and to be an uplifting and blessing to all of God’s people everywhere. We seek to present the Gospel in a simple and down-to earth manner in which every soul can understand and respond to God’s call.

Truth Matters Ministries

T.H. & Norma Ferrell

God has called us to preach the truth of the gospel to the body of Christ to empower them to reach a lost and hurting world. The urgency in these last days is to not conform to the world but bring a love that only shines through Jesus abiding in the fullness of each believer’s life. Our goal is for each one to reach one.

Bible Discovery

The Bible Discovery Team

Our mission is to show that God’s Word is powerful, meaningful, and applicable every single day. That it’s living, active, and connects us with the Creator of all things. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to help people discover — or perhaps rediscover — the reason for their faith.

New Antioch Full Gospel Church

Heath & Leslie Havard

Pastor Heath and Sis Leslie serve as New Antioch Full Gospel Church’s Senior Pastors. Prior to that, he served as Youth Pastor of New Antioch as well as Evangelized throughout the Southeast since 2005.

Pastor Heath and Sis Leslie believe in the importance of growing relationships with Jesus Christ in the congregation as well as promoting leadership development and outreach. They are committed to continually lead New Antioch Full Gospel Church where biblical views are embraced and encouraged, with members who care about the needs of those around them and who want to connect others to the body of Christ.

Terri Talks

Teri Winters

Teri grew up in the Bible belt on fried chicken and gospel singin’ performing her first song at age five. She was a regular on the stage of the Church of God campground and at 18 joined the Lee Singers @ Lee College. Upon completing her degree Teri worked in corporate America in the family business.

Though successful in business, Teri felt the call to return to her passion of singing, teaching, and mentoring/coaching. Now some thirty eight years later, she has traveled extensively around the world with ministries such as Nancy Harmon and Carl Richardson. Teri has appeared on TBN, PTL and several other local radio and television broadcasts. She has served in various areas of ministry in five local churches, including North Cleveland Church of God.

Teri has three beautiful children, Marc (31) Danielle (30) and Trevor (28), a son in law Taylor (32) daughter in law Kelsey (28) and they reside in Cleveland, TN. She has raised all three children alone since they were very small. Jesus Christ is the center of their world, and they wake up every day believing God for a miracle for Marc who has a life long disability, Autism. When asked frequently about this difficult situation, Teri’s response is always the same: “I believe that the blood of Jesus paid the price for Marc’s healing and that he will be healed. However, I believe that the most important thing to God is the building of our character, and I only want the miracle when God has completed the work in our family that He knows must be accomplished.”

Teri brings Scripture alive through humor and modern day application. Whether a scholar or new born believer, the Holy Spirit will bring you to a place of soul searching reality. Teri’s personal life experiences have caused her to embrace pain and move beyond it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Currently Teri serves as Global Director of Jesus Saves Network. JSN reaches over 182 nations online and has a concentrated ministry in Nepal with 36 Bible Schools.

Ronnie Mitchem Ministries

Ronnie & Stacey Mitchem

Evangelist Ronnie Mitchem is an ordained minister with nearly thirty years of ministry experience. As a pastor, he led four churches in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. In Texas, he founded Victory & Praise Worship Center, which ministered to the people of Crosby from 2004 to 2022. As an evangelist, Ronnie ministers to churches in the continental United States, but his media ministry, including a television program for Africa, is reaching the world. His life experiences as a Marine and businessman enrich Ronnie’s calling and preaching style, which God has anointed to reach thousands for the cause of Christ in churches and in prison and street ministry. Ronnie’s wife, Stacey, also ministers through worship and administration. They have three adult children and three grandchildren.

Voice of Hope

Sandra Hancock

The founder of this ministry is Sandra Hancock. Sandra is an ordained, licensed minister. She is also a registered, licensed dietitian. For the past 16 years she has served in ministry teaching and evangelizing the Word of God. Her passion is to grow God’s kingdom by motivating the body of Christ to achieve their full potential. Her high energy anointed teaching sparks revival in believers and draws the unbeliever to the cross.

Sandra has authored a book titled Dietitian’s Design “Dare to be Slim, Trim, and Happy!” She has produced several motivation teaching CDs.

She is married to Doug who is a CPA by profession and administrator of this ministry. They have two sons Tyler and Britt and reside in Laurel.

Shield of Faith Telecast

H. Richard Hall

Founded in 1956 by Rev. H. Richard Hall, the United Christian Church and Ministerial Association (UCCMA) is a non-denominational, intra-church organization based in Cleveland, Tennessee. Our mission is simple yet profound: to unite Fundamental and Pentecostal ministers across the globe and foster a worldwide revival of Full Gospel teachings.

Children's Shows

Chosen Kids

Tony & Syd

We believe that Jesus Christ should be the center of children’s lives and our goal is to spread the Gospel to the younger generation! We hope you love Chosen Kids and it is a show you and your family enjoy watching!

Seeds Kids Worship

Seeds team

Seeds Kids Worship is a nonprofit ministry team passionate about coming alongside parents and Children’s Ministry leaders to disciple kids in order to win the hearts of the next generation for Jesus.

You are the one that makes all of this possible.

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Your gift helps us show God’s love to the lost, but not only that, we also get to build you up in your relationship with God. This station is not only for the lost, but for you as well! It’s a win-win!

Together, we spread hope for the lost.

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