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8 Steps to Launching Your Television Ministry

It’s Easier Than Ever to Launch a Television Ministry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches embraced online live streaming. A few have taken it a step further with multi-camera live streams, switching between different angles. If you’re doing this now, you’re almost there! Here’s what you need next:

1. Get a Recorder

A key component for launching your TV ministry is a reliable recorder. We recommend Blackmagic Design for most of our video production equipment. They offer high-quality, cinema-grade gear at incredibly low prices. You can find recorders starting as low as $350. Check out their products.

2. Set up your cameras

If you don’t have camera packages, a two-camera setup with a switcher, recorder, and tripods can be had for less than $4,500. The setup is mostly plug-and-play, and our team can help you choose the right products. We always recommend B&H Photo as a reliable place to purchase your equipment.

3. Edit your broadcast for tV

Once you have your recordings, you’ll need to edit them for television. You can either do this yourself or get help from us at Greater Love TV. We have over 20 years of broadcast experience. Alternatively, you can find numerous freelance editors online who can assist you.

4. Build your media Team

At the beginning of your TV journey, find someone in your church who is media-minded and interested in learning about post-production. This person could become your video editor, helping to transition your ministry from a weekly live stream to reaching millions of homes. As your ministry and donor base grow, having an in-house video editor and videographer (someone who records video content) will be invaluable. They can capture events beyond your church services that you want the world to see.

5. understand the video editing process

A 30-minute show actually consists of 28 minutes and 30 seconds of broadcast time. Here’s a suggested structure for your show:

  • Opener (30 seconds or less): Showcase your ministry, outreaches, and faces beyond just the speaker.
  • Introduction (1 minute or less): The speaker or another person talks about the upcoming sermon or teaching, sharing a bit about themselves.
  • Main Content: Deliver your sermon, speaking life and salvation.
  • Closing Invitation (45 seconds or less): Offer prayer, resources, revivals, and invite viewers to your church. Encourage them to partner with your ministry with a donation.
  • Closer (45 seconds or less): Provide additional connection points, such as social media, website, prayer line, and contact information.

Throughout your broadcast, include graphics, especially lower thirds (text overlays at the bottom of the screen). These can display phone numbers for prayer, social media handles, the pastor’s name, website, church address, and service times. These graphics help keep viewers connected with your church.

6. invest in video editing software

We recommend DaVinci Resolve, used by the motion picture industry, which is available for a one-time cost of $300. With some study and practice, you can start editing your own sermons in just a few days. Learn more about Resolve here.

7. Utilize our Support services

Greater Love TV offers FREE consultations to ministries launching TV broadcasts. Our broadcast advisory board can review your show, offering advice and suggestions to enhance its reach and quality.

8. affordable broadcasting costs

The starting cost is just $35 a week to air your broadcast to millions. We are here to support you in this outreach, helping you reach lost souls through TV and witnessing their salvation.

If you’re interested in starting your TV ministry, I would love to help you. Please contact me:

Micah Wynn

For additional guidance, connect with our Director of Broadcast, Brother Mickey, at He can answer your questions, provide launch strategies, and guide you through the initial stages.

God bless,
Micah Wynn

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