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TV or Social Media: Which One Works Better for Ministry?

In today’s digital age, where social media dominates our screens and conversations, it’s natural to question whether traditional media like television still holds its ground as an effective means of outreach. The answer, from our experience at Oasis Ministries and Greater Love TV, is a resounding yes. But there’s more to the story.

Does TV Still Work as a Means of Outreach in the Age of Social Media?

Short Answer: YES

Long Answer: That’s A Little More Complicated…

A little Backstory

Oasis Ministries is a global outreach ministry that has been making an impact for decades. We reach dozens of countries and billions of lives through television alone. But we’re not limited to TV. We also have a substantial social media presence, operating over 35 pages, groups, and chats. Organically (that is, without paid ads), we reach over 1 million people each month. That’s not just interactions or comments—it’s pure reach. On the paid side of social media, the numbers can grow exponentially. For instance, if we invest $2,000 a month, our reach increases significantly; with a $20,000 investment, the reach can skyrocket.

The Gospel never evolves, but the technologies of this world are always changing. At Oasis Ministries, we stay on top of these changes, studying both Biblical principles and best practices for media outreach. As a co-founder of Greater Love TV, I would never suggest choosing TV over social media. Instead, I advocate for a multi-faceted approach to outreach.

The Power of Multi-Platform Outreach

Social media is crucial for modern ministry. It provides a platform for real-time engagement, community building, and spreading the Gospel to a vast audience. A website acts as a central hub for all your connection points. Podcasts offer a way to deliver weekly messages, while platforms like TikTok allow us to share bite-sized bits of the Gospel for people on the go. Video outreach isn’t just an opportunity—it’s an obligation.

However, don’t mistake our calling for yours. I’m simply sharing what works for us. Twenty-five years ago, Pastor Anthony, my dad, received a word from God to reach the hurting behind the walls of their homes. We started with television, and today, we’re on over 200 stations across the USA. TV continues to work, reach, and make a significant impact.

The Unseen impact

Oasis Ministries also uses email outreach. We’ve witnessed people getting saved through a simple email, turning their hearts to God and repenting from their sins. Our texting ministry has brought healing to many, and a YouTube Short once prevented a man from committing suicide. Every outreach avenue we have is pursued with diligence and faith.

TV has yielded the best results for us, with returns that are tenfold, even thirtyfold. I once led an 8-year-old child to the Lord through our broadcast. If you’re wondering if TV is worth it, if the time and investment are worth it, I can tell you 100 times over—yes. Millions of Americans still watch TV, and we want to help you reach those hurting souls. Keep posting on social media, keep sharing on TikTok and YouTube, but consider adding TV to your outreach strategy. Let TV and social media work together for your ministry.

The Complexity and Reward of TV Ministry

Unlike TikTok, which only requires a phone, or YouTube, which can feature a live service, TV is more complex. It requires editing, a team to handle phone calls and emails from prayer requests, and consistent effort. But the results are profoundly rewarding.

If you feel God drawing you into broadcast ministry, know this: it is time-consuming and demands study and prayer. But the impact on souls makes it all worthwhile. My grandfather always said God would invest everything to reach one person. That principle is a cornerstone of Greater Love TV. We are committed to reaching one more person, day after day, week after week, month after month. It’s always been worth it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, effective ministry in today’s world requires a combination of traditional and modern outreach methods. TV still works—it’s powerful, far-reaching, and impactful. At Greater Love TV, we’re dedicated to using every tool available to spread the Gospel and touch lives. So, don’t hesitate to embrace television as part of your outreach strategy. It’s a complex but incredibly rewarding journey.

God Bless,
Micah Wynn

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