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GreaterLove.TV Expands Broadcast Editing Services for Churches Nationwide

In a move to further support churches in their mission to reach wider audiences, GreaterLove.TV is thrilled to announce the expansion of our broadcast editing services. This initiative is designed to assist churches in harnessing the power of their multi-camera live streams by providing professional editing for television broadcasts.

Additionally, GreaterLove.TV will return the original, unedited footage to the churches, enabling them to broadcast on other stations at their discretion.

“Our goal is to empower churches to share their message more broadly, without the technical complexities often associated with broadcast-quality production,” said Anthony, Founder of GreaterLove.TV. “By offering our editing expertise, we are enabling these communities to focus on what they do best—inspiring and connecting with their congregations.”

GreaterLove.TV is proud to highlight our current partnership with a church that not only broadcasts on our platform but also on six other television stations, showcasing the potential reach and impact of our services.

For churches interested in learning more about our editing services and pricing, we invite you to view our detailed PDF: Link to Pricing PDF.

This initiative is part of GreaterLove.TV’s ongoing commitment to support faith-based communities in their digital and broadcast endeavors. We believe in the power of shared stories and messages to unite and uplift, and we are excited to offer our services to help achieve this.

For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Manager, GreaterLove.TV

About GreaterLove.TV
GreaterLove.TV is a leading digital platform dedicated to broadcasting faith-based content. With a focus on accessibility and quality, GreaterLove.TV aims to connect churches with wider audiences through live streaming and broadcast services. Our mission is to spread love and faith through technology.

March 28, 2024


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